Submitted by arlith on Fri, 04/28/2017 - 13:31


MekHQ is a java program that allow users to manage units in-between actual games of MegaMek. It implements most of the rules in the "Maintenance, Repair, and Salvage" section of Strategic Operations, many of the rules and options from the Mercenary Field Manual, and various options that allow users to customize a mercenary, house, or clan campaign to their liking . Some of the features include:

  • Track XP and improve pilot skills and abilities
  • Integration with MegaMek and MegaMekLab
  • Planetary map and the plotting of jumpship travel
  • Organize a TO&E
  • Create and resolve missions and scenarios
  • Repair and salvage units
  • Equipment tracking
  • Financial tracking

MekHQ can be downloaded from the main download page. It is a java program and will run on Windows, Apple, or Linux. Bugs can be reported here.


TO&E Screenshot

Briefing Room Screenshot

Interstellar Map Tab

Personnel Tab Screenshot

Mek Lab Screenshot

Repair Bay Screenshot