New Releases Stable and Development Snapshots.

Submitted by Hammer on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 01:05

Hi Everyone,
Going forward we are changing how we handle releases for MegaMek/MegaMekLab/MekHQ.  

You’ll see separate posts for Stable releases and Development Snapshots.

So, what’s the difference?
The Stable branch is simply bug fixes and new data (maps, sprites, unit fixes) pulled into the existing Stable.  As a rule, it should be more stable and less crash prone.. The Development Snapshots will have the new toys in them. 

So hypothetically we code LAMs in MegaMek, those would appear in the Development Snapshots.  Once we are comfortable the Snapshots are good then we will release a New Stable with those features in that stable.  

As a general rule, we are going to aim for a new Stable on a regular basis, meaning when enough things in the Development Snapshot are bug free and working and ready to be considered Stable.  As a rule we aren’t going to commit to specific timelines as lots of things can impact timelines to a Stable release.

What release should I use?
Depends. If you just want to stay the course have just fixes and no new features, then use the STABLE BRANCH release.  If you want bleeding edge, new features, new stuff to try and play but may end up with crashes and other weirdness then you want the DEVELOPMENT SNAPSHOT. 

Links are on the Downloads page for details see here.